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The Radiation Effects and Analysis Group (REAG) consists of a small core of civil servants aided by industrial support contractors. The REAG performs testing & analysis investigating the effects of radiation on electronics & photonics. A brief summary of these effects is available. This Home Page is here for electronics designers, project managers, parts engineers, other radiation groups, and anyone with an interest. Enjoy!

Testing has been performed on just about anything in the realm of electronics & photonics. A searchable list of devices that have been tested is available, as are device test reports. Please have the courtesy to check the device list for yourself, if you have questions about what has been tested. If you are interested in a collaboration, please contact Michael Campola.

You can click on the tabs above to navagate the web site. Some of the features available from this web site are:

GSFC Radiation Effects Facility
Lessons Learned and Guideline Documents
Overview of Radiation Effects & Analysis Group (REAG)
Natural Space Radiation Effects on Technology
The Natural Space Radiation Hazard
The Radiation Effects & Analysis Group, NASA/GSFC
Space Radiation Physics Office, NASA/GSFC (now part of REAG)
Space Radiation Environment
Single Event Effects
Total Ionizing Dose Effects
Displacement Damage
Space System Design
Test Data
Searchable Data Base contains a list of parts tested by Goddard Space Flight Center and links to the test reports.
Test Reports are available using the Searchable Parts Database
Papers & Documents
Searchable Publication and Presentation Database
SEU Flight Data Analysis
SAMPEX flight data
CRUX flight data
TOMS flight data
NRL's Clementine page
HST data
MPTB flight data
Other Radiation Effects Links
Conferences & Meetings
Government & Military Radiation Links
University & Industry Radiation Links
Radiation Effects Parts Data Bases/Lists
Radiation-Related Flight Projects
Radiation Test Facilities We Frequent
Other Useful Radiation-Related Pages

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