Displacement Damage

Devices Tested for Displacement Damage

The list which follows includes test reports for all the devices we've tested for displacement damage, sorted into general device types; it is taken straight from our test logs, and to my knowledge, it is complete through our last test trip.

*** If you're looking for a part that's not listed, we have not tested it. ***

Your best options are to check the SEE (NASA/GSFC) or RADATA (JPL) or REDEX (NRL) databases for information (among others), or to check with the manufacturer. Ken LaBel may also be able to tell you if anyone else has or is planning to test aparticular part.

Devices are linked to the test report(s)/papers(s) by the test date(s) followed by the facility (in brackets). This list is a work in progress; we try to put test reports online as they are written. Some of the figures are a bit fuzzy (if no e-copy was available, they had to be scanned); if you need a clearer copy, e-mail Martha O'Bryan .

Test facility acronyms are as follows:

AcronymFacilityType of Testing
IUCFIndiana University Cyclotron FacilityProton
LBLLawrence Berkeley LabsProton
LLUMC Loma Linda University Medical CenterProton
MSUMichigan State University National Superocnducting Cyclotron Laboratory Heavy Ion and Proton
SPRSandia National Laboratory Pulse Reactor FacilityNeutron
TRIUMFTRIUMF (TRI-University Meson Facility)Proton
UCDUniversity of California at DavisProton

Many device types were tested more than once, either to test different lots, to test for both neutron and proton effects, or because of changes in the test setup or data collection.

If you have any questions, Please Read the Test Report First. If you still have questions about test results,contact Ken LaBel or Robert Reed. If you Still have questions about the device itself, or how it was tested, contact the test engineer.

Jim Forney
Don Hawkins (Hawk)
George Jackson
Rich Katz
Hak Kim
Tony Sanders
Jim Lohr

Devices Tested for Displacement Damage
Part #FunctionManufacturerTest Date(s)Test Engineer
MHF+2805SDC/DC ConverterInterpoint9/3/97(LLUMC & SPR)Hak
MHF+2812DDC/DC ConverterInterpoint9/3/97(LLUMC)Hak
MHF+2815DDC/DC ConverterInterpoint9/3/97(IUCF)Hak
6N134Hewlett PackardrOptocoupler9/3/97(SPR)Hak
OD880WJLEDOPTO Diode9/3/97(SPR)Jim Lohr
SDL5601V1Laser DiodeSpectra Diode9/3/97(SPR)Jim Lohr

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