SEU Flight Data Analysis

We analyze the spaceflight Single Event Effect (SEE) data for the emerging commercial technologies utilized in NASA spacecraft and experiments. Data analyses from SAMPEX, CRUX, and TOMS were performed here at NASA/GSFC by Christina Seidleck of Hughes ST Systems, and Janet Barth of GSFC's Radiation Physics Office. Clementine data will (hopefully) be available via Mark Johnson of Naval Research Lab (NRL). Mission-specific information is available under the separate links below.

The paper Single Event Effect Flight Data Analysis of Multiple NASA Spacecraft and Experiments; Implications to Spacecraft Electrical Designs by C.M. Seidleck, K.A. LaBel, et. al. investigates in-flight SEEs observed on CRUX, SAMPEX, and TOMS.

Flight data available:
SAMPEX flight data
CRUX flight data
TOMS flight data
Clementine flight data *
NRL's Clementine page
CRRES flight data *
CRRES home page
HST data
MPTB flight data

* We hope to make data available, still working on access

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