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Learning Session

Wednesday, 5/21

3:00 PM
SEU System Analysis: Not Just the Sum of All Parts

Melanie D. Berg
ASRC Federal Space and Defense

This talk will provide a top level description of interpreting SEU test
data on the system level taking into account actual circuit operations
and not simply SEU charge generation


4:00 PM
Fault Tolerant Techniques for Embedded Processors in FPGAs

Fernanda Lima Kastensmidt
UFRGS, Instituto de Informática, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Soft and hard-core processors are present in many FPGAs. Soft errors can
affect the correct execution of a program provoking data and
control flow errors which in high-reliability systems require mitigation.
These fault tolerant techniques can be based on hardware redundancy,
software-based and a combination of both. This learning session
will present some of the major fault tolerant techniques,
some recent radiation results and new trends


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