Single Event Effects Summary

Single Event Upset (SEU) - a change of state or transient induced by an energetic particle such as a cosmic ray or proton in a device. This may occur in digital, analog, and optical components or may have effects in surrounding interface circuitry (a subset known as Single Event Transients (SETs)).

Single Event Transient (SET) - "Soft" errors in that a reset or rewriting of the device causes normal device behavior thereafter.

Single Hard Error (SHE) - an SEU which causes a permanent change to the operation of a device. An example is a stuck bit in a memory device.

Single Event Latchup (SEL) - a condition which causes loss of device functionality due to a single event induced high current state. An SEL may or may not cause permanent device damage, but requires power strobing of the device to resume normal device operations.

Single Event Burnout (SEB) - a condition which can cause device destruction due to a high current state in a power transistor.

Single Event Gate Rupture (SEGR) - a single ion induced condition in power MOSFETs which may result in the formation of a conducting path in the gate oxide.

Multiple Bit Upset (MBU) - an event induced by a single energetic particle such as a cosmic ray or proton that causes multiple upsets or transients during its path through a device or system.


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