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The Single Event Effects (SEE) Symposium is dedicated towards the understanding of radiation-induced SEEs in microelectronics and photonics. SEEs occur when a single particle (neutron, proton or other heavy ion) interacts with the atoms that makeup a semiconductor. Some examples of these types of events are Single Event Upsets (SEU), Single Event Latchup (SEL), Single Event Gate Rupture (SEGR), Single Event Burnout (SEB), & others.

We invite presentations addressing all aspects of SEE in microelectronics and photonic devices, circuits, and systems. Topics include (but are not limited to):

Upset, Transients, Latchup, Gate Rupture, Burnout, Destructive Effects in Bipolar Devices, Microdosimetric Effects, Dark Current.

Basic Mechanisms and Modeling:
Destructive and Non-Destructive Effects, Nanoscale Phenomena, Effect of Operating Speed, Charge Transport and Collection, Impact of Circuit and Environmental Parameters, including temperature and aging.

SEE Mitigation Methods Including Hardened by Design (HBD) and by Process:
Approaches for gaining SEE hardness in commercial devices.

Environments and Facilities:
Space, Atmospheric and Terrestrial environments. Heavy Ion, Proton, Neutron and Laser Test Facilities.

Operational Regimes and Performance Data:
Systems and Devices at LEO to Geosynchronous and Beyond, High Altitude Aircraft, and Terrestrial.

Electronic & Photonic Device Data:
Memories, Latches, Analog Circuits, Microprocessors, FPGAs, Optocouplers, DC to DC Converters, Sensors, Commercial and Hardened Components, Data Capture Methods, and Data Analysis.

Error Mitigation, Error Detection & Correction, Multi-core Processing, and Fault Tolerant Systems.

Event Rate Computation:
Analytic, Monte Carlo, Mixed-Level (Radiation Transport + SPICE, TCAD + SPICE, etc.)

Special consideration will be given to complex device testing and effect analysis.

All interested personnel are invited to submit a one-page abstract by February 18, 2011 via our new submission system. A voluntary submission to a Symposium Proceeding is also requested. Submissions may either be annotated charts or a short paper (<= 6 pages) based on the presentation. When submitting an abstract, please notify us of your publishing intent. The SEE Symposium will be unclassified and welcomes international participation. Authors are responsible for obtaining clearances to present their work.

Registration opens on January 1, 2011

See Preliminary Call for Presentations for more information.

Printable (pdf) version of 2011 SEE Symposium Call for Presentations is also available.

Registration services are provided by Stamp Services. Contact: Susan Hunt.

For information on having an Industrial Exhibit at the 2011 Single Events Effect Symposium: Industrial Exhibit Info


General Chair: Veronique Ferlet-Cavrois, European Space Agency
Technical Program Chair: Nadim Haddad, BAE Systems
Local Arrangements & Industrial Exhibit Chairwoman: Penny Meeker, US-Semi Conductor Corporation
Treasurer: Bill Lotshaw, The Aerospace Corporation
Registration Services: Susan Hunt, Stamp Services

The Symposium is supported by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, the NASA Electronic Parts and Packaging Program, The Aerospace Corporation, the Naval Research Laboratory, and Vanderbilt University.