Ed Wyrwas

Ed Wyrwas is a Lead Electrical Engineer providing support for the NASA Electronic Part and Packaging (NEPP) Program and the Radiation Effects and Analysis Group (REAG). He has previously served as a Senior Member of Technical Staff and head of Information Technology and Information Security at DfR Solutions, LLC (now Ansys, Inc) and runs a product development company in his free time with a focus on cyber defense and disruptive technologies. For multiple high reliability, automotive, aerospace and space-related companies, Ed has pioneered novel approaches to thermal-mechanical testing of circuit card assemblies, assessments of semiconductor wear-out mechanisms, and environmental stress screening of electronics. He has developed system level and device reliability models, industry guidelines, and has participated in several specifications and standards working groups from JEDEC, SAE, ISO and AEC. He has published over 50 technical papers, holds 1 US patent. Ed holds a dual major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering from Widener University.

Ed Wyrwas's e-mail address is edward.j.wyrwas@nasa.gov.

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