Goddard Space Flight Center
Radiation Effects Facility (GSFC REF)
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Damage Van de Graaff, Steering Magnet and Test Chamber.


Radiation Sources:





    The Facility is available to NASA Centers, other Government Agencies, Contractors, Universities and Manufacturers, on an as-available basis.


Host Location:

    GSFC, Greenbelt, MD, Owned by NASA, Operated by SSAI, Inc.


Contacts for Costs and Scheduling:


GSFC Radiation Effects Database:


Gamma Ray Source:


2 MeV Damage Study Accelerator:


2 MeV and 120 keV Instrument Calibration Accelerators:


Test Chambers Available for Instrument Calibration:

The 20" x 20" Chamber:

The 17" diameter by 30" high chamber:

Test Chamber Cleanliness:

    The chambers are pumped down and sustained by non-oil cryogenic vacuum systems. Contamination from uncured epoxy, silicone, machine oil, etc. can kill flight detectors. Please do not plan to use our chambers to out gas a prototype or flight unit immediately after it has been soldered or glued.

Other Possible Uses of the Chambers:

    With some set up the test chambers could also be used for:


Damage Van de Graaff Test Chamber.


150 keV Accelerator, Steering Magnet, 20" x 20" Test Chamber,
Pumping Station and Turntable Controls.


Steering Magnet, Electrostatic Focus and 30" diameter x 38" high
Test Chamber for the Instrument Van de Graaff.

Clean Bench Assembly Area


20" x 20" Test Chamber, showing Beam Monitor,
Turntable, 2" Ports and 50-pin Cable.


Data Reduction and Ground Station Area, for the Instrument Van de Graaff,
showing space available, Cable Penetrations through wall, and peripherals.


17" x 30" Test Chamber for Instrument Van de Graaff.