Lessons Learned and Guideline Documents

Advanced CMOS Radiation EffectsTesting Analysis by Jonathan A. Pellish, Paul W. Marshall, Kenneth P. Rodbell, Michael S. Gordon, Kenneth A. LaBel, James R. Schwank, Nathaniel A. Dodds, Carlos M. Castaneda, Melanie D. Berg, Hak S. Kim, Anthony M. Phan, Christina M. Seidleck
Fall LEP Brown Bag Seminar 2000
An Overview of the NASA Goddard Methodology for FPGA Radiation Testing and Soft Error Rate Prediction by Melanie D. Berg, et al.
Assurance Against Radiation Effects on Electronics - 2004 QLF Presentation by Kenneth A. LaBel
Body of Knowledge (BOK) for Copper Wire Bonds by E. Rutkowski and M. J. Sampson
CCD Radiation Effects and Test Issues for Satellite Designers by Cheryl J. Marshall and Paul W. Marshall
Challenges for Radiation Hardness Assurance (RHA) on Power MOSFETs by Jean-Marie Lauenstein
Considerations for a Proton Single Event Effects (SEE) Guideline - JOWOG 2010 by Kenneth A. LaBel
Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) Single Event Effect (SEE) Radiation Testing by Melanie Berg
Guideline for Ground Radiation Testing and Using Optocouplers in the Space Radiation Environment by Robert Reed
Impact of Scaled Technology on Radiation Testing and Hardening by Kenneth LaBeland Lewis M. Cohn
In-Flight Anomalies and Radiation Performance of NASA Missions - Selected Lessons Learned by Kenneth A. LaBel
Lessons Learned from Radiation Induced Effects on Solid State Recorders (SSR) and Memories by Christian Poivey, George Gee, Janet Barth, Ken LaBel, Harvey Safren
Lessons Learned in Microelectronic and Photonic Test Bed (MPTB) Flight Experiment [AS-1773 Fiber Optics Data Bus (FODB)] by Kenneth LaBel, Christina Seidleck, and Christian Poivey
Notional Radiation Hardness Assurance (RHA) Planning For NASA Missions: Updated Guidance by Kenneth A. LaBel and Jonathan A. Pellish
On-Going Radiation Effects on FPGAs - Lessons Learned and Plans by Melanie Berg, et al.
Presentation - Evaluation of Commercial Communication Network Protocols for Space Application by Stephen Buchner
Presentation - NASA Detector Requirements by Cheryl Marshall and Paul Marshall
Presentation - Testing Guidelines for Single Event Transient (SET) Testing of Linear Devices by Christian Poivey, Stephen Buchner, Jim Howard, and Ken LaBel
Proton Single Event Effects (SEE) Guideline by Kenneth A. LaBel
Proton Test Guideline Development - Lessons Learned by Stephen Buchner, Paul Marshall, Scott Kniffin, and Ken LaBel
Pulsed-Laser Testing Methodology for Single Event Transients in Linear Devices by Stephen Buchner
Radiation 101: Effects on Hardware and Robotic Systems by Jonathan Pellish
Radiation Effects Test Guideline Document for Nonvolatile Memories: Lessons Learned by Timothy R. Oldham, et al.
Radiation Testing Considerations for Advanced CMOS Electronics by Jonathan (Jonny) Pellish
Rate Prediction Tool Assessment for Single Event Transient Errors on Optical Link Receivers and Optocouplers by Paul W. Marshall
Relative Radiation Risk Reduction for Small Spacecraft and New Designers by Michael J. Campola
Single Event Effects (SEE) Test Planning 101 by Kenneth A. LaBel, et al.
Single Event Effects (SEE) Testing: Practical Approach to Test Plans by Kenneth A. LaBel, Jonathan A. Pellish, and Melanie D. Berg
Single-Event Effects in Silicon and Silicon Carbide Power Devices by Jean-Marie Lauenstein, Megan C. Casey, Alyson J. Topper, Edward T. Wilcox, Hak S. Kim, Anthony M. Phan, Kenneth A. LaBel
Single-Event Effects Induced by Pulsed Laser Irradiation by Dale McMorrow and Stephen Buchner
Space Radiation Effects on Electronics: Simple Concepts and New Challenges - 2004 MRS Presentation by Kenneth A. LaBel
Test Guideline for Evaluating Low-Energy Proton-Induced Single-Event Effects in Space Systems by Jonathan (Jonny) Pellish
Testing and Hardness Assurance Guidelines for Single Event Transients (SETs) in Linear Devices by Christian Poivey, Stephen Buchner, Jim Howard, Ken LaBel, and Ron Pease
Testing Guidelines for Single Event Transient (SET) Testing of Linear Devices by Christian Poivey, Stephen Buchner, Jim Howard, and Ken LaBel
The Space Radiation Envoronment as it Relates to Electronic System Performance - 2005 AAS Conference by Janet L. Barth, Michael A. Xapsos, Kenneth A. LaBel, and Christian Poivey
Why Space is Unique? The Basic Environment Challenges for EEE Parts by Kenneth A. LaBel and Michael J. Sampson

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