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Janet L. Barth

Janet L. Barth received the B.S. degree in Mathematics from the University of Maryland in 1978, and pursued graduate studies in computer science. She is an astrophysicist with the Radiation Physics Office at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, where she has worked since 1976. Her responsibilities are to develop spacecraft radiation hardening guidelines, and to lead research efforts to improve the accuracy of radiation environment definitions and the effectiveness of mitigation techniques. She began her career at NASA/GSFC by developing integration software for radiation environment models and codes. Later, she implemented the use of 3-dimensional ray trace methods for defining component level radiation exposures and developed techniques for optimizing mitigation procedures. She is principal investigator on an experiment to investigate the effect of composite materials on exposure levels, and is co-investigator on the Cosmic Ray Upset Experiment (CRUX). Ms. Barth has served the NSREC as a reviewer and session chair. She has co-authored papers on the space radiation environment, in-flight verification of single-event effect rate predictions, and system level radiation effects mitigation.

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